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Grits and Biscuits

24th February 2018 - Saturday 21:00

Grits and Biscuits, the holy grail of parties brought to you E.Z.Mo Breezy is coming to Hollywood Palladium!

Grits and Biscuits was founded in 2010 by the E.Z Mo Breezy collective, consisting of brothers Alzo and Maurice ‘DJ Square Biz’ Slade along with Erika Lewis. They came up with the idea for it after noting the lack of great parties in New York City. “There would be two kind of parties” says Alzo, “either the velvet rope, bottle service, VIP-type of party, or the house party where there are bohemians and they really didn’t play music that you would just want to shake something to.” The trio decided to host a one of a kind party that would connect New York party goers with unique southern flavour. Grits and Biscuits made its debut in Brooklyn to a sell out crowd and it wasn’t long before it became a party people dream of attending. It brings a wide spectrum of southern rap, live energy, good vibes, and an authentic feeling of hospitality, from the funny jokes Alzo tells the audience during their set, to letting everyone on the stage to dance. “It’s pretty amazing to us that after five years, there’s always people who come for the first time,” says Erika. “Our hope is that their experience is just as amazing and they have just as much fun as the people who came five years ago for the first time.”

Don’t miss your chance to see experience a premiere entertainment concept that celebrates the southern experience through urban music, cultural connections and nightlife moves in a down home environment! Click the button below to see Grits and Biscuits on Saturday, February 24th!

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